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A strategic plan is critically important to a firm’s success.  It details the vision of where you want your firm to go.  There are many components included in a strategic plan and each facet should be explored in detail.  SOAR will collaborate with you on the items listed below, which are related to opening your firm and creating a strategic plan.

  • Mission Statement

  • Core Values

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Short-term and Long-term Business Goals

  • Business Development Plan

  • Action Plan with Measurable Milestones

  • DC Business Requirements (e.g., License, Taxes)

  • Corporate Structure

  • Partnership Agreement


Long and short-term contracting assignments as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, or Director of Administration/Operations for established and start-up firms:


Accounting/Financial Operations

  • Research, identify, and implement a banking relationship

  • Research, identify, and execute an engagement letter with an accounting firm

  • Research, identify, and implement an accounting system

  • Set-up the Chart of Accounts and financial reporting

  • Handle the month-end close

    • Income Statement

    • Balance Sheet

    • General Ledger

  • Work with the accounting firm on partner distributions

  • Manage client billings and collections

  • Establish engagement letter templates based on billing structures

  • Oversee accounts payable

  • Develop and implement revenue and expense budgets


  • Research, identify, and implement the following:

    • A Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

    • A payroll system

  • New Hire Reporting Requirements (DC Law)

  • Ensure compliance with all DC employment laws

  • Create job descriptions

  • Develop and assess salary ranges based on position descriptions

  • Develop an Effective Performance Review Program

  • Research and implement benefits:

    • Health

    • Dental

    • Vision

    • Life Insurance

    • 401(k) Retirement Plan, Profit Sharing, Cash Balance Plans

  • Research and implement insurance (e.g., Professional Liability, D&O Insurance)

  • Draft an Employee Handbook

  • Process Improvement in any administrative function; specializes in Intellectual Property practices


Experienced recruiter for all levels of law firm personnel, including attorneys, patent agents, managers, and staff.   Please refer to the Recruiting section for a listing of open positions and available candidates.

If you or someone you know is looking for a position,

please contact Marion Baker.

All inquires will be kept confidential.


  • Develop brand, logo, company culture

  • Establish marketing materials, print collateral, media, press releases

  • Business Cards and Letterhead

  • Create a marketing budget

  • Website development, analytics

  • Coordinate professional photographs​

  • Event Planning

    • Partner Retreats

    • In-House Events – Holiday Parties, Team Building Exercises

    • Attorney Lunch and Learn Sessions

    • Client Webinars


      Collaborate with designated real estate broker, lease negotiation

      Space planning and coordinating the physical move

​     Office Furniture - purchase and delivery

      Office supplies - management and inventory​


​Research, identify, purchase, and implement computer equipment

Research, identify, and implement the following systems:

  • E-mail system

  • Telephone system

  • Internet services

  • Wireless services

Research, identify, and implement document management system (DMS)

Research, identify, and implement docketing software (e.g., IP, Litigation), if necessary

Copier leases and maintenance agreements


Where is your firm’s bottleneck?  Do you have a large-scale project that could use additional support? 

Here are just a few ways I can help: 

  • Draft attorney consensus evaluations

  • Processing vendor invoices electronically

  • Business process reengineering for an IP practice


  • Building Better Teams


  • Conducting Effective Performance Reviews


  • Diversity Training

  • Dress for Successs


  • Increasing Personal Effectiveness (IPE)


  • Managing Partner Expectations, Mitigating Risk, and Reducing Costs in an IP Practice


  • Taming the Monster:  E-mail Management


  • Work/Life Balance:  Is It Really Possible?

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