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Strategic Planning | Administration | Operations | Recruiting

Business Plan

A strategic plan is critically important to a firm’s success. It details the vision of where you want your firm to go. There are many components included in a strategic plan and each facet should be explored in detail. SOAR will collaborate with you on the items listed below, which are related to opening and managing a firm and creating a strategic plan.

  • Mission Statement

  • Core Values

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Short-term and Long-term Business Goals

  • Business Development Planning

  • Action Plan with Measurable Milestones

  • Business License Requirements (e.g., License, Taxes, Compliance)

  • Corporate Structure

  • Partnership Agreement

Operations and Administration

Long and short-term contracting assignments as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, or Director of Administration / Operations for established and start-up law firms:

Accounting and Financial Operations

Research, identify, and implement a banking relationship

Research, identify, and execute an engagement letter with an accounting firm

Research, identify, and implement an accounting system

Set up Chart of accounts and financial reporting

Month-end close including:

Income statement

Balance Sheet

General Ledger

Work with the accounting firm n partner distributions

Manage client billings and collections

Establish engagement letter templates based on billing structures

Oversee accounts payable

Develop and implement revenue and expense budgets

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Strategic Planning

Informational Interview

Human Resources

Research, identify, and implement the following:

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

A payroll system

New Hire Reporting Requirements  

Ensure compliance with all DC employment laws

Create job descriptions

Develop and assess salary ranges based on position descriptions

Develop an Effective Performance Review Program

Draft an Employee Handbook

Process improvements in and administrative function; specialize in Intellectual Property practices

Research and implement benefits:

Medical, Dental, Vision

Life Insurance

401(k) Retirement Plan

Profit Sharing

Cash Balance Plans​

Research and implement insurance

Professional Liability

D&O Insurance

Business Insurance

Workers Compensation​​


Experienced recruiter for all levels of law firm personnel.


  • Attorneys

  • Patent agents

  • Managers

  • Professional staff


If you, or someone you know, is looking for an opportunity, please contact our office.

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